2.038 too many ribs

Saturday 01/09/2021

I really did nothing today except read and walk. I took a moderate walk in the morning, circling back hopefully to where the farmers’ market should be, but it still isn’t operating. And a shorter walk in the afternoon.

At 4:15 I went down to the garage and met Patty, and we drove in my car to Armadillo Willy’s to pick up orders for me, Patty, and four other people. When I got my order baby backs home I was amazed at how much meat I had. Plus I had ordered a portion of their chili which proved to be delicious. But by the time I’d eaten three ribs, half the chili, and one of those delicious corn muffins I was full. Now what will I do with the leftovers? I think I will cancel my dinner order for tomorrow, and maybe lunch as well.

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