2.037 SWBB, nest egg, tech

Friday 01/08/2021

Started the day with a standard walk. That done I sat down with my giant spreadsheet and entered the numbers from the accounts that comprise the Nest Egg. My combined investments ended 2020 just 2.5% down from the end of 2019. So I still have plenty of money.

At 11:30 it was time to watch the Stanford Women take on the Oregon Ducks. This was nominally a home game, but of course the team can’t come home to Santa Clara County. The game was played at an arena in Santa Cruz, CA. The Ducks kept a narrow lead through the first half. In the third quarter (after a no doubt inspiring half-time talk from Tara) the Cardinal pulled themselves together and took a lead of a dozen, and then hung on against Oregon to win by a handful.

At 7pm I got a call from Laurie. A couple of days ago she had put in a request to the tech squad for help with an iPad. I had investigated. Her problem was that sometimes, the iPad would, on its own, change to inverted text, white on black. At least, in the Mail app which was what she mostly used. With some research I learned that an iOS device had several Accessibility options that would give inverted text. I made sure all of them were off. The iPad wasn’t misbehaving then, so we called it a possible fix.

So tonight it had gone back to inverted text. I met Laurie on her 9th floor lounge and spent 15 minutes exploring. Some googling brought up the term “Dark Mode”. Hah. More investigation. Yes, most apps seemed to be in Dark Mode, which involved inverted text. And more googling got me to the Settings for Display & Text, where it turns out the damn thing had an automatic switch to Dark Mode from 7pm to 7am! There didn’t seem to be any way to turn that off, but I could set a different schedule so I set it to go to Dark Mode only between Midnight and 3am. Fixed!

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