2.029 old year’s end

Thursday 12/31/2020

A pretty ordinary day, really. I did Veronica’s aerobics at 7:30. I posted to the house bulletin board a reminder of the upcoming SWBB games on Friday and Sunday, and which channels of our in-house Xfinity system they were on. I prepared the meal delivery sign-up sheet for next week and sent it to Marcia to fill in the regulars.

I futzed around with the dashboard of the MG TC. I went for a walk. Going out for the walk, I paused in the lobby to admire the very inventive display that a committee of residents had created.

It is called “The Bonfire of the Insanities” and we were invited to add anything to the “pyre” that we’d like to see gone with the year. There was a loop on the big TV of the fire with sound, and every so often, a COVID virus whisked up the flames.

At 8:30 there was a “New Year’s Eve” open zoom meeting. The point was to watch the ball drop in NYC at 9pm. Marcia hosted and did a good job eliciting stories from people about New Year’s adventures they’d had. In a crowd this old, there are always people with good stories.

And that was that. I’m going to bed at 10, although I expect the distant sound of fireworks will arouse me at midnight.

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