2.028 laundry, vaccine

Wednesday 12/30/2020

Went for the standard walk in the morning. After which I felt fairly tired, which I decided to blame on the effects of my vaccine shot yesterday. Attended one pleasantly short zoom meeting in the morning, and after lunch did the laundry, and that was about it.

The housekeeping schedule had been shifted for the holidays. I checked with Wanda, what time was she going to do my apartment? She said, no, this week she would just leave a bag of clean linens and towels. I thought about it and decided to play straight, not fudge doctor’s orders. I’m not supposed to lift anything over 20 pounds now; and my Ikea mattress surely weighs that much when I hoist it up to tuck the sheets in. So I told Wanda that, and she was completely understanding, and found time to make up my bed right away.

I did some tidying and then took another nap. By bedtime I was feeling fine.

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