2.024 boxing day

Saturday 12/26/2020

Welp, that was a Saturday. I took a moderate walk, intending to finish past the farmer’s market and have a delicious pastry from the bakery cart, but in fact the farmers’ market was having a day off. Alas.

Worked on the model, specifically finding good pictures of the speedo and tach from an MG and reducing them and printing them at high resolution and very small sale. Which took a couple of hours of fiddling with graphics software. This is because I don’t care for the little decals that came with the kit.

The tach and speedo printouts, and the dash with two big circles where the instruments go

I’m quite pleased with the leather seat and the matching door trim (not shown). It really looks leathery. I mixed the color myself, from a stock “leather” paint color plus some red and some black, and I “distressed” the seat with sandpaper so it looks well-worn.

The kit also has a decal of what I think they meant for wood grain, for the dash (see picture), but it is just terrible so I have to find some wood texture and print that out scaled appropriately, and cut to fit that curvy little dash piece. Actually I think I may try to paint wood grain. Cutting out that shape, complete with four little circles where instruments go, with scissors? I will go on YouTube and find out how to paint faux wood texture.

I took a shorter walk in the afternoon. Then I realized I had canceled my in-house supper for tonight. I was going to order a Wahlburger’s burger and shake, but they don’t offer shakes on their delivery menu. So I ordered by DoorDash from Gott’s Roadside in the Town and Country center, which isn’t as good but at least I could get a shake. DoorDash kept me waiting 20 minutes past the scheduled delivery time, which they made more annoying by showing “delivery in 4 minutes” on the app, followed by “in 5 minutes” and held that for 10 minutes, then “in 1 minute” for five minutes… sigh. But the food was ok, in particular, the shake was still cold and I could zap the fries.

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