2.023 humbug day

Friday 12/25/2020

Christmas day was all about the special meal service. Well, they tried. The breakfast was ok; I ordered french toast and it was pretty good, with a side of fresh fruit. The main meal was lunch and here I made a mistake, ordering the mushroom risotto instead of the roast beef. Our head chef Marcello has a fancy resumé but he (or his minions) can’t cook risotto as well as I do. Did. But seriously, I had rather a speciality of risotto, making several different variants for us. My complaint here was that the damn rice was not fully cooked; a lot of grains had a soft crunch to them. Al Dente is ok in pasta, not in rice. The mushroom sauce wasn’t much either.

Nevertheless I ate most of it and wasn’t really hungry for supper, which was a turkey and provolone sandwich. Which is a good thing, because as I recall (they haven’t returned our filled-out menus for next week) I had canceled lunch on Monday because I didn’t like any of the choices. I’ll save the turkey sand in my fridge for that.

Took a full walk. At 5pm we had a 6th floor zoom cocktail party. I have nice neighbors generally. Killed some more TV. Battlebots is fun to edit with the DVR remote. The broadcasts are two hours long, but they feature eight bouts that are each 3 minutes long, max; less if there’s a “knockout” where one bot can’t move any more. So I can rip through a two hour show and see all the fights, in a half hour or so.

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