2.004 mask business

Sunday 12/06/2020

After breakfast and watering the plants and doing the crossword, I went for a simple walk: to the Palo Alto cafe at Midtown. I bought an almond croissant to go, and ate it sitting outside, well away from the few other customers.

On return I got a call from Marcia and we talked about the masks issue. This was raised at the open meeting: some people don’t have the means to buy masks online, while others need masks with something other than the little elastic loops, to be compatible with hearing aids or just to relieve painful stress on the ears.

Yesterday I had suggested to the president of the RA, that the RA stock and sell masks similar to how we stock and supply computer paper and ink for the 10th floor computer center. Tom liked it and said we could talk about it at the executive committee meeting Wednesday. Now Marcia and I worked out more details. Per the current plan, we will keep the front desk stocked with simple paper surgical masks. Anybody who needs one mask, can just ask for it there.

We will also have packets of 20 masks, mask extender straps, cloth masks, and a couple other things, for sale. I spent the afternoon making a mask order form. Marcia spent it going to Michael’s hobbies and buying three foam wig heads to display masks on. We plan a static display in the lobby, with a pile of the order forms. We need to recruit a couple of volunteers to manage order fulfillment.

I also need to reproduce some of the funny mask wearing signs I did a few months ago.

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