2.003 SWBB, walk

Saturday 12/05/2020

At 9am I and my neighbor Patty got in my car — we are still allowed to ride 2 people in a car, the passenger in the back seat, all masked, ventilation — and drove down to the Baylands were there were two, yes two, parking spaces. So hooray for an early start. Walked a while (2 miles in all) and back.

Following lunch it was time to maybe watch a Stanford Women’s Basketball game. Maybe, because they are improvising their schedule. The team has relocated itself to UNLV in Las Vegas, where the newly-hired head coach is Lindy LaRocque, former Stanford player and for a couple of recent years, assistant coach at Stanford. The team moved out out of state to avoid the shelter-in-place pandemic rules that forbid all play and practice of contact sports. I personally think they are taking a big risk by exposing the members of team and staff to possible contagion. (It’s all fun and games until Tara Vanderveer comes down with COVID.)

Today Stanford played UNLV and in theory the game video would be shown on the Mountain West TV network. Except the link given in the schedule didn’t work, it gave a lame error message about being able to find something. I made myself a hero to a small group of fans by getting into the Mountain West website and burrowing around until I found the stupid telecast, on a completely different URL from the one given. Sent that out to the CHBB and some individuals and we all saw the game losing only a couple of minutes.

Supposedly Stanford will play UW tomorrow, at the same home arena; but there is no video stream promised in the schedule. I think it will likely turn up on the PAC-12 networks, although the schedules for those channels don’t say anything about it today.

Anyway that was about it for the day. I did a little work on the car model, including using a teeny hand-drill to hollow out the end of the exhaust tailpipe, so it can have a realistic hole.

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