1.361 numbers, model, pandemic

Friday 11/27/2020

Something was not right with the numbers. Very not-right.

This blog starts (click the link “It started here”, above) on 2 December, 2019, the day my wife Marian died. For the first year I headed each post with “Day n“. But that wouldn’t be sustainable for the second year; who wants to read “Day 492” and so on? So I started the second year heading each post with a year and a day, like 1.361.

But now I was closing in on 2 December, and the day number should have been around 359, 360, and it wasn’t. I had screwed up somewhere. I went back and found that I had dropped ten days out after my ten-day hospital hiatus. Also I had two consecutive day numbers 331. And maybe other mistakes. So I just finished the tedious task of renumbering all the posts from 1.310. Now they are accurate, and 1.365 will fall on December 1st.

Nobody cares, except me.

On the jogging route this morning I jogged maybe 1/4 of the total distance? Quite a bit, and it felt fine. I’m just screwing around; Monday maybe I will start jogging and keep jogging either to the end or until my body says “enough”.

I put in some time on the MG model. In the afternoon, the package of clear gloss spray cans arrived so tomorrow I will experiment with them. Unfortunately they say two things: not recommended under 50ºF, and use in a well-ventilated space. I can certainly vouch for the second one; I sprayed a patch of paper just to verify it was gloss clear paint and I can still smell the fruity volatile chemicals an hour later. Tomorrow’s outdoor temperature should get above 50ºF, but I won’t try spraying until it is at least 60ºF.

Rhonda’s Friday meeting was similar to last week’s. The pandemic is raging, the news is grim, and we are restricting everything. Besides four staff people who are tested positive and are quarantining at home (all with symptoms), we have “at least three” who are in 14-day isolation because someone in their household was exposed. So, we are short of staff. Nevertheless, we have no residents with COVID.

To keep it that way, if anybody attends an indoor gathering of any kind, or an outdoor gathering with three or more households, or travels by train, plane, or bus — they isolate for 14 days. (I wonder does “travel” include local, like if I were to take CalTrain to the city.)

Most staff have taken a pledge to not attend multi-family gatherings this holiday season. There is an unusual tree sculpture celebrating this, which I had not properly appreciated. I will take a picture of it tomorrow.

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