1.360 thanksgiving

Thursday 11/26/2020

For the first time ever, I got a breakfast tray, which was ok. It did not as I thought, include mimosa makings. Sparkling cider did come with lunch, though. I called a few relatives, then went for a medium walk. Lunch was pretty decent, for a tray eaten alone.

White meat, dressing, quinoa salad, pecan pie, sparkling cider.

About 3pm my evening sack supper was dropped off, and the most impressive thing was in it.

Every sack, apparently, contained a card hand-signed by all the dining staff! That’s 200-odd cards; they must have been signing for a week. Very touching and impressive.

I put in a couple of half-hour sessions on the MG, completing its fully articulated front steering linkage. I put on a couple of the wheels I’ve been chrome-plating, loosely, just for show.

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