1.280 airbrush, heat

Sunday 9/6/2020

Slow Sunday morning. No exercise because of smoky air combined with high temp (97º in the afternoon). I set to work to try out the airbrush, which is a pretty thing.

I ran into some problems with it. Connected to the compressor, it sprays a nice even pattern when loaded with water, at least when I hold it so I can see the mist coming out. But my first trials with real paint were not successful: no paint, intermittent paint, spattery patterns, various problems. I worked some of them by thinning the paint, adjusting the air pressure, etc. Fiddle fiddle. Sprayed a lot of scrap paper. I think I have it working but I need more trials tomorrow.

Rest of the day was pure boring, took a couple of naps just to kill time. And played Vendetta. And read. The X-plane user forum has no solution to the fact that it won’t launch; I’m going to delete it and re-download and install; if that doesn’t do it, I’ll give up. Unusual for highly-touted product (and not freeware, either, although I haven’t paid for it yet) to just not work on a major platform and nobody has a clue.

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