1.269 takin care of bidness

I neglected to mention that yesterday I also spent more than an hour on a long-deferred clean up of some image files. My main photo store is on my iMac, where pics are keyworded and filed in a whole organization of folders. For months when I had a picture on my laptop, that I thought I wanted to keep permanently, I would move it to a folder in Dropbox, for filing “later”. So this was “later”, I went through those pics and decided where to store them in the folder tree on the iMac, which inevitably meant that I had to rearrange some of those folders, etc. Blah. But done now.

Wednesday 8/26/2020

The weather app said air quality: Good, so I started the day with a run, the first in more than a week. And that showed. My body said, whoa, let’s walk a bit, for a while during the first leg. But then I warmed up and finished the last 2/3 of the route at my normal pace.

Back home I settled down to settling my mind about all the different volunteer activities we are coordinating, and which of them needs active coordinatin’ by me, right now. Quite a lengthy list. Sent that off to Marcia to get her comments.

Then sat down to do what seemed like top priority, writing the job description/invitation for the newest volunteer program we hope to have ready for Rhonda to announce on Friday. I will include it here:

I sent that to Marcia and then sat down to make the sign-up sheet for it. That brought me to noon when I had signed up for a free seminar on writing books for the Middle School genre. This was interesting, although the speaker didn’t say anything that told me why my novel doesn’t sell.

At 1:30 I met on the 11th floor with Marcia and we set up three nice seating areas where a 2 or 3 people could have a conversation and decided how to proceed with the announcement.

At 3pm I attended a Zoom meeting, the CH speaker series, with a Palo Alto city council person. Not uninteresting.

From there I just kind of kicked back for the rest of the day — until at 4pm when I got a call that somebody couldn’t make the dinner meal delivery they’d signed up for. So I went and spent 5:15 to 6:30 helping deliver meals.

Something completely different. I’ve mentioned being fond of web comics before. Today I saw one that, I think, demonstrates how the modern “comic” artists are using the freedom of web-based publication, to create a new kind of literature. That was Stone Fruit Season: A Comic. What is it? An “illustrated essay” maybe? The text is a personal statement about recovering from depression, with digressions about the history of peaches, but all the emotional power is delivered by the evocative drawings which are essential, integral parts of the piece. Even the closing words are in hand drawn script and would not work simply set in type.

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