1.268 much coordinating

I was Veronica’s only attendee at the 7:30 aerobics, so like personal training. The air quality is best described as “mucky” so no outside activity today. But plenty of meetings. Marcia and I met with Kim HR and learned several things. One, is that the staff has recognized a large (“like night and day”) improvement in resident morale since the volunteer programs have started. That’s important, more important than the dozen or so hours a week we are saving staff time.

Dining services would like to have the food delivery task back; but we are keeping it. We concede to them the bi-weekly “farmers’ market cart” room to room delivery of fruit and snacks. We stressed to Kim how much the restriction on using the main elevators impacts everybody, food delivery, people with walkers, etc. And a few hours later she emailed that the restriction was off. The fires are being contained and the risk of outages is reduced enough to allow use of elevators again.

We have two things to plan: a meeting with floor reps to emphasize disaster preparedness, and a scheme where volunteers would managed disinfecting the penthouse so people could use it for meetings. I prepared sign-up sheets for the next week of meal delivery and package reception. Marcia drafted, and I edited, an email to the CHBB with volunteer status news.

Spent a lot of time browsing hobby supply sites. I am almost ready to pull the trigger on buying a good quality airbrush, but I also watched a bunch of youtube videos on how to simulate rust and weather damage on models. With an eye to possibly working over the toy tractor for more realism. Not sure if that project is on or not.

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