1.255 model, volunteers, meeting

Wednesday 8/12/2020

There were new volunteers to orient for breakfast, so I dressed in regular clothes and went down and did that. Once they were all off moving carts ok, I went back upstairs, changed into shorts and t-shirt, and went for a run.

I had a good part of the middle of the day to work on the model car. I got the cockpit mostly complete.

I had a tragic loss, though. They had provided a tiny decal for the dashboard clock face. Which is just over 1/8 inch in diameter. With my X-acto I carefully cut it out. Then I was trying to pick up this little 1/8 inch circle of paper with my sharp tweezers, to dunk it in water and slide it off onto the clock, and… somehow I flipped it up and it vanished in the general direction of my lap. I searched and searched. Maybe it’s in my clothes, I dunno, but it is not to be found. The decal for the speedometer was slightly easier.

It’s really silly to put so much work into these bits because once this is inside the body of the car, you would need a dental mirror to actually see them ever again.

At 4, Rhonda had a special meeting to announce changes in the plans for the upgrade project. By moving both 3rd and 4th floor residents together, which they have vacancies to do, they will be able to do both floors at once and complete the entire project just a year from now.

Also announced was a tentative plan to take half of the independent living units on the 3rd and convert that wing into assisted living units for “high functioning” people who nevertheless need help with ADL. This would relieve some log-jams in demand for both skilled nursing and AL, and enable using the present AL units in the other building for people who need more care, short of SN. It doesn’t really affect me, so I am neutral on the point.

Immediately after that meeting I went downstairs to orient two new meal delivery volunteers. And so it goes. Lots of emails to help people sign up for volunteer work, or get un-signed up when they can’t make it.

But things are running pretty well and I think will need less hands-on attention now.

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