1.254 volunteers, meetings

Tuesday 8/11/2020

Today I did Veronica’s aerobics. After a little while internetting, I went downstairs to double-check arrangements for package receptions, and discovered that Paul, the CH doorman, was back! He had been in isolation owing to having contact with a staff member who had The Virus. But his quarantine was over and here he was. From him I learned that he normally does the first thing I thought volunteers would do, which is writing the apartment number on each incoming package in big sharpie digits. Then he stacks them in the vestibule.

It will remain for us volunteers to log the packages, arrange them on the shelving, and make the calls to the recipients (“Hi, you have a package!”).

After that conversation it was time to convene my 10am meeeting with volunteers wanting to do the package reception job. I went over what we’d be doing, and introduced the sign-up sheet. I had planned to start on Wednesday, but the general feeling was, why wait, let’s start today.

Then I went down to the lobby to orient two new meal cart delivery volunteers, and stayed around after lunch delivery was done, to meet with the three people who’d grabbed the 1pm package reception slot on the sign up sheet. The job proved to be quite easy and was dispatched in about 15 minutes.

After eating my lunch (which had been sitting outside my door for an hour) I had some free time and did a little work on the model. I detailed the steering wheel and some other parts.

Looking through the back window: chrome details in the back seat including ash tray. The window frame will be chrome plated soon.
Nice decal for the center of the horn ring. My reference pics all agree, steering wheel and shift lever are shiny black except for horn ring.

Then at 5pm it was time for our 6th floor meeting. There wasn’t any business to conduct, really. The only news was that a couple, the Beelers, whose move-in day has been delayed by months by the pandemic. Work has finally resumed on renovating their unit, and will finish up soon. I’m interested in this because the work is being done by Valet, Inc., the closet-remodeling company that I signed up with in February. When Valet finish the Beeler’s unit, they are due to come and do my closet rebuild. That’ll be next week.

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