1.251 meals, eating out

Saturday 8/8/2020

Went down to join a crew of three newbies for meal deliver at breakfast. Did that again at lunch and again at dinner. I and my co-coordinator Marcia are very pleased: the sign up sheet for meal delivery this week is nearly full.

In between these three 90-minute sessions I did a little work on the model, detailing the interior bits.

After the final delivery of dinner, at 6:20, Patty joined me and we walked a few blocks to the Peninsula Creamery. She had ordered ahead and we picked up sacks of deliciousness and walked o a nearby park to eat, sitting at opposite ends of a bench to take our masks off. Chocolate shake and grilled cheese sandwich, num num.

I am really enjoying Travels in a Narrowboat on Amazon Prime. Can’t recommend it highly enough if you are looking for an antidote to pandemic news. It’ll chill you right down.

I have on my DVR the following movies: A Star is Born (2017), Jojo Rabbit, LaLa Land, Midway, Crash. All well reviewed. I can’t seem to find time to watch a whole movie. Which one should I watch? Which should I delete?

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