1.250 More coordinating, model

Friday 8/7/2020

Went for a run first thing; normal. Then exchanged a lot of emails with would-be volunteers. Fitted in an hour of work on the model; then it was time to do meal-delivery for lunch. At lunch it was Marcia (the other V.C.) and Susan. Introduced Susan to the job, accompanying her for half of a floor and left her. From then on we three worked alone. By the time you get back to the lobby with an empty cart, the other persons have already left with carts.

This showed me that it really needs three people per meal to keep up. My sign-up sheet had been set up to take two names per meal. After lunch I modified it to take three names per meal. An encouraging number of people have already signed up. In the evening I publicized the sign up sheet on the CHBB list.

At 5 I again went down and worked meal delivery for supper as well. Here Marcia and I were joined by Frances and John. These are among my favorite neighbors because some decades ago, they worked on the Apollo Guidance Computer under Margaret Hamilton. Which they think is no big deal, so I try not to fawn on them too much. I’m sure there are other things they would like to be known for. Anyway I expect to have to show up for every meal for a couple of days now, if only to orientate new volunteers.

During Rhonda’s 4pm Zoom (which peaked at 150 people) there wasn’t a lot of news. However she made a point about management of the pandemic,

That is an important point that I want to highlight. We have done hundreds of tests now on all employees and most residents. And, none of those test results (from surveillance or response-driving testing) have come back positive.

And, yet, we have COVID-positive cases. What is happening is that our stringent screening and isolation requirements are detecting probable COVID cases BEFORE they are sent to be tested. This is a reflection of the diligent efforts of Izzy Leon, our Director of Nursing, and Angela Lamothe, our Safety Officer.

So all the temperature-taking and symptom reporting is working.

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