1.237 walk, WBB, model

Saturday 7/25/2020

You know it’s a boring day if you have to put “walk” to fill out the title. Pleasant Saturday morning. Headed out for a walk about 9am. Went over to Midtown and had a cappucino and almond croissant, num num. To make up on calories, I skipped all carbs at lunch and ate only the salmon entree. (Salmon steak for lunch; I was thinking pretty well of the CH kitchen.)

Today was the tip-off of the WNBA season, which is being conducted entirely in a “Wubble” (Women’s bubble) with all teams sequestered in a single campus, three games a day. I had recorded the first game, which was the one in which Oregon alum Sabrina Ionescu, the all-everything college player of the year, made her professional debut. So nice that she’s graduated and I don’t have to root against her any more. She did well, but frankly the game wasn’t that interesting. I probably won’t watch many more of them.

I worked on the model for a couple of hours. I am at a very slow part where I have many tiny parts to assemble to the engine block. I cut them off the sprue and began. Each part needs to be carefully cleaned of flashing and then painted one of gloss black, flat black, aluminum or rust. Most need two coats of paint, with half an hour to dry between coats. And then fitted to the block. Always dry-fit first before applying cement, because things never fit quite right and need to be sanded or shaped somehow to fit snug.

Note the oil filter at the bottom?

I had a wee problem with that. When I went to find that on the sprue and clip it out, it wasn’t there. Apparently I cut it out earlier and lost it? Anyway it was nowhere to be found. Maybe it got vacuumed up by Marta Thursday. Anyway, I found a piece of sprue that was about the right diameter, and I sculpted an approximation of the original shape. Painted and with the decal it looks ok. (The decal is exactly right, it says “strato star” above a “V8” and I have a pic of a restored original car that has an oil filter just like it) .

Supper time and CH kitchen lost all cred; the entree was a grilled tuna steak that was dry and had a really foul odor. I dumped it and had a PBJ instead. (Finishing off a jar of rhubarb jam from niece Laurel.)

2 thoughts on “1.237 walk, WBB, model

  1. Why are there two oil filters? The 5th one down is also labeled “oil filter”. I used to change oil filters when I worked at a Shell station, and I thought the Fords only had one…


    1. My bad scribble, that one says “oil filLer”. It’s the tube that sticks up, has a breather cap on top and the dipstick.


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