1.236 tech support, model

Friday 7/24/2020

Went for a run, starting early so as to be back before the promised 8:30am power shutoff. In fact the shutoff didn’t happen until 9:20, and was over and power restored by 9:40. So that was easier than planned. They did establish that the freight elevator worked off the emergency power supply. That’s important because the freight elevator opens to the outside; it can be entered from the back parking lot. So it could be used by emergency responders.

Also the test established that, on the upgraded floors like mine, the wi-fi also works off the emergency power system, and kept on right through the outage.

Speaking of upgraded floors, there was news on the upgrade project in Rhonda’s weekly call. Currently the 5th floor is being worked on, with move-ins to be done by 10/31. That will leave two undone floors, 3 and 4. By the original floor-by-floor schedule they wouldn’t have been completed before end 2021. But staff have brainstormed a plan by which those two floors can be done in tandem, completing in July next year. This means finding 30-some temporary units but this can be done, by offering inducements to some people who have bought in, but not moved in. This so-called “loan back” program means they are loaning back the unit they would have occupied in exchange for some kind of financial break.

Hopefully mid-year next year will bring lots to celebrate, starting with a return to normal operations.

Right after Rhonda’s meeting I met with Michele in the lobby and we had a long conversation with a very patient and helpful Apple support agent. With his guidance I was able to find the massive file, a 192 gigabyte “log” file kept by the Mail app. It was a hidden file, not revealed in a normal Finder display. Moved it out of the Mail folder to the desktop, started up Mail, all looked normal so it didn’t miss that file. Deleted the file and presto, we had 192GB free space. I personally don’t use Apple’s Mail app, and I’m glad. But it is essential to many of my neighbors with Macs.

Another snippet from Rhonda’s meeting:

We are currently required to complete 4 daily and weekly reports to 3 different reporting agencies. We are required to report PPE inventory, number of COVID-tests administered and the related results, number of COVID positive residents and/or staff, and number of persons of interest or PUIs (PUIs are people who may have symptoms or may have had exposure to COVID). Of course, each agency asks for the same information in a different format or for a different time period.

Also, a staff member who had not been at work in the past 3 weeks, apparently self-quarantined for symptoms? has tested positive. So several more staff who had contact with that person are also now self-quarantining, putting a strain on the staff to cover for all the absences.

I started assembling the engine of the model. The detailing is very nice. On the cylinder heads for the flathead V8, the individual spark plugs are present. By leaving those bits unpainted, I get white spark plugs. I have to think if I can get little spark plug leads to them.

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