1.222 Comet, Car

Friday 7/10/2020

Got up at 4:30am again and this time I saw the comet! Comet NeoWise was right where that web page said it ought to be, and directly opposite my balcony, very convenient. The comet is not very bright but it is easy with the binoculars. I started scanning with the binocs and in about 2 seconds the comet jumped into the frame and said “howdy!”

Once I’d seen it that way and knew where to look, I could juuuussst about persuade myself I could see it with the unaided eye. If we had a really dark sky it would be easy, but the light pollution here is so bad only Venus and maybe two other stars can be seen easily.

I took this picture with the Nikon but it is a half-second exposure hand-held and not sharp. Why didn’t I get out the tripod? I think I’ll try again tomorrow with the tripod.

I took a shot with the iPhone as well but it barely shows the comet head, never mind the tail.

Later in the day I finished up the car model. This is how my desk looks, clean for the first time in over a month.

I took a bunch of pictures and collected them into a Smugmug Gallery. Looking them over, I give myself at best a B-, more like a C+, for execution. Just so many little hacks. The body paint has gross orange peel and other goofs, and … well, I won’t dwell on it. I have another kit on order and will apply lessons learned. I have looked for John Deere tractor kits of even the approximate era without result. I have looked for 1941 Chevrolet kits (my first car), and there actually is one, but it is a convertible, which isn’t right. Later in the day I ordered a plastic display case, and also a Dremel kit, actually not a Dremel, but a different small rotary power tool that Adam Savage recommended.

In late news: I heard that Valet, the custom cabinet makers, had been allowed back in the building. I contacted Kim Krebs wondering if that meant they could now go ahead with my closet remodel? Yes! is the answer, and the ball is rolling on that. Maybe we’ll get that done soon!

Friday is the day for Rhonda’s meeting. Much discussion of the details of the upcoming testing schedule and the latest order from the County. Hair salons are reopening and, anticipating lots of us would want a haircut, she gave the following advice:

If you do choose to access these services, please ensure the following so you know that the County’s directives have been implemented:

Signage: A sign that states “COVID-19 Prepared” and a “Social Distancing Protocol Visitor Information Sheet” is to be posted prominently at the entrance to the business.

Everyone working there must wear face coverings at all times. Observe if they are wearing them properly, covering their nose and mouth at all times. If not, you should leave.

Prior to your appointment, the salon should call you to see if you have had any covid symptoms or been exposed to anyone who has. If they don’t call you to confirm this, then don’t go. If they are not confirming you are symptom-free, they are not confirming that their other customers are symptom free.

They should require that you wait in your car until your appointment is available. All waiting areas & common spaces must be closed.

They should screen you again for symptoms when you enter the building. If they are not screening you, they are not screening others.

I know the opening of these businesses has been long-awaited by many of you. I just strongly encourage you to use good judgement. I have heard some tell me that they are the only person in the room, except for the salon operator. That is not relevant, if the salon operator has been exposed and is not displaying symptoms. You can contract the virus from one person while you are in close contact. Be careful. And, ask yourself the question: Is it essential that I obtain this service right now?

2 thoughts on “1.222 Comet, Car

  1. Oh good you looked for tractor!! What make /model year?
    And I’ll try to find that car with red wheels? Make- model- year?


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