1.221 no comet, cleaning

Thursday 7/9/2020

Got up at 4:30 and had a look for the comet. Nothing from my balcony so I dressed and went up to the roof, but no luck. I wasn’t certain where to look, but I noted that I could not see a single star anywhere near the horizon. Lowest stars at least 20º up. Must be moisture or haze or something. I could clearly see Venus at about 40º up, due East. Back to bed.

Later I found a web page with a better description of where to look, relative to Venus, and it should be just almost straight out from my balcony. I will try tomorrow morning and won’t have to go to the roof.

I did the aerobics class at 7:30, and at 10 went out for a 2-mile walk. Worked on the model, mostly patching up where a couple of things weren’t fitting together right, which meant un-gluing pieces and re-gluing them.

Today was the first time in several weeks when Housekeeping cleaned my room. Our 6th floor person before was Wanda, but she volunteered to go be a nurse’s aide in our nursing wing, and people who’ve talked to her since say she is very happy with this new role. I wonder if it’s higher pay? Or will put her on track for a higher paid job post-pandemic? Anyway our cleaner is now Marta, who is maybe 4′-6? She makes me feel like a basketball player. She zipped through the place in less than an hour, where I was taking 90 minutes even with practice. Probably did a better job. In fact, certainly did, because besides the inside she managed to get all the dead leaves and blossoms off the balcony, too. I would sweep out there, but she must have vacuumed it.

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