1.214 oh what did I do

Thursday 7/2/2020

The perpetual cry of the blogger who put off the blog post too long. What did I do yesterday? Well, I did the aerobics at 7:30. And I cleaned house. This is maybe the last time I’ll do it myself. Starting next Thursday a housekeeper should come to do it. But as yet that’s only on alternate weeks. Can I stand to use the same bed linen two weeks in a row? (Why not, I think we often went that long and longer before.)

While I was in the midst of this, Harriet stopped by to loan me a book. She came in her car, with her two dachshunds, and we took a walk up the street and around the park at Waverly and Homer. Which, she reminded me, is about where the Palo Alto Medical Facility used to stand! Although I am sure I visited there in the 70s and 80s, I don’t actually remember doing so. And I remember that the building used to kind of dominate downtown, and then PAMF moved to their larger campus on El Camino and the old building came down and was replaced by housing and a park.

I practiced my talk one more time and corresponded with various people by email. And that was another day..

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