1.213 book talk, webcam

Wednesday 7/1/2020

Went for an early run; it felt fine. On the way back in I noticed Jerry’s door was open, and I stopped to talk and borrow his webcam. Next week I have to conduct a zoom meeting for some FOPAL people, to hand off the online sign-up stuff I’ve been doing. The principal person uses Windows, so I need to be sharing the screen of a Windows machine to show how stuff looks.

The only Windows machine available to me is the one in the 10th floor public computer room. It doesn’t have a web-cam, and didn’t seem to have a speaker, either. So I took Jerry’s USB webcam up there and futzed around with the Win box. I managed to persuade it that, yes, it really did know about the speaker in the Acer monitor, and could use that for audio output. It had no problem picking up on the webcam and its mic, so I was able to open a Zoom meeting and walked through what I wanted to demo, and test screen sharing.

In the afternoon I finished putting together my book talk and ran through it for time. I have about 35 minutes of material, which is fine; I will go that far and just take questions as long as anybody wants to talk.

Evening I followed a suggestion of Craig’s, and looked at Eureka on Amazon Prime. It’s a kind of fun sci-fi about mishaps and misdeeds in a small town in Washington state where the gummint has sequestered all their smartest scientists. It’s well-produced with lots of CGI effects and some fun characters. One appeal for me is that it is mostly shot in some town in what looks like the Olympic Peninsula. Lots of drippy fir trees and moss.

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