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Wednesday 4/29/2020

Didn’t mention that last night, I watched the Hitchcock Thirty-Nine Steps on Amazon Prime. Oh, I just realized that in the movie, they refer to “thirty-nine steps” but they never explain what they are or why they are significant. They talk about “warning all thirty-nine steps” as if they were agents or something. It left a bunch of other plot threads dangling, as well.

That said, I have to say the movie was better in several ways than the book. The long sequence of Madeleine Carroll and Robert Donat handcuffed is still entertaining.

Today would have been shopping day, when I compile a 6th floor grocery order, but nobody wanted anything, or at least, nobody filled out one of my order forms, so I didn’t do that.

Today was also car freedom day, when I could take the car out briefly; but I opted not to. There just isn’t anyplace to go, and still be back in the garage by 11:30. We are allowed to go out before 11. Maybe next week I’ll take the car out at like 8am, go down and walk the baylands trail, and be back by 11:30.

Last week when I turned in my menu, I canceled out Wednesday supper, planning to treat myself to pizza. During the emails between neighbors about shopping, Patty suggested canceling dinner next week and splitting a pizza. Then it emerged that she had actually canceled her tonight’s dinner as I had, so we are doing that. This is better than doing it solo, as I won’t have half a 14-inch pizza in leftovers, as I would have doing it alone. So, tonight is pizza and beer night. And it was delicious.


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