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Tuesday 4/28/2020

Today is the weekly CH Writers’ group, a lengthy Zoom meeting at 11. I’m not enthusiastic about what I wrote, but whatever. Maybe I won’t read it.

I was thinking this morning: as we come out of quarantining (late this year or early next), what changes will there be in popular opinions? There are so many customary things we are not doing right now, and we are getting along without them just fine. Afterward, when those options are open again, how many will we just not bother with?

I think grocery shopping will come back with a bang. People are going to so savor the experience of wandering the aisles of a grocery store at leisure they’ll do it more than ever. Instacart et. al. should be planning now for a precipitous drop-off in business. Bank the cash now, kids, because lean times will be coming.

Restaurants will come back strong, also. Bars, too, I imagine, though I don’t frequent any. I miss the experience of eating out and I’m sure lots of other people do as well. So Doordash and Uber Eats will fall off a cliff. Another business that will come back fast is nursery outlets. Gardeners are suffering right now because they can’t go browse the perennials and bedding plants, and as soon as they can, they will.

I think that online ordering of everything else, however, will remain high. All the people who never, or rarely, ordered stuff online, are now finding that eBay and Amazon and all the other outlets are so easy, so convenient, so responsive. You realize you need something, and instead of adding it to an errand list for getting tomorrow, you just reach for your computer and in a minute that item is on its way to you, no further thought.

Did the morning cardio session by zoom. Veronica was pleased we had 3 people for this 7:15am meeting. Did some coding. Took a walk. That was about it.


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