1.077.2 Tina!

My evening’s activity was to attend a performance of Tina!, a musical based on the life and career of Tina Turner. I had considered several other possibilities, for example Wicked is playing, which I haven’t seen; but I figure sooner or later that will show up locally to me. There’s a new dance/musical show, Message in a Bottle, based on Sting’s music. But I felt like some loud rock’n’roll. The plot pretty much followed the main points of Tina’s life as outlined in Wikipedia and in the bio-flick What’s Love Got to Do With It (which I have not seen).

Well, here is the official trailer for this production, which pretty much sums it up. I could have done with a little more music and a little less dialogue, but it was a good evening. Four stars, maybe. Damn, but the lead actor, Aisha Jawando, works her butt off. How she does that six, seven times a week…

Here’s a funny thing about British theater, as I’ve seen it so far, my vast experience extending to, um, exactly two performances. They don’t make it easy to learn the names of the cast. There are programs, but they are glossy books that cost five pounds. Nor is the cast listed, that I can see, on the show’s website. If I was an actor, I’d not be happy about that.

Well, anyway, home via the Tube and to bed.

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