1.059 Yosemite, resident/trustee meeting

Thursday, 1/30/2020

Went to Yosemite for museum work. I was the only volunteer there today. Toni is out getting her 2nd cataract operation. The two staff members there were very impressed with my booking of the Conservation Studio tour at the V&A. Before lunch I helped Aurora complete another 1-1/2 aisles of the treasure hunt, opening boxes looking for the missing Ferrante plug-board.

For lunch, Greta and the volunteers from Shustek joined us for lunch. Greta, who once lived in London, suggested two more museums worth going to. After lunch we did another hour of organizing boxes. Then Aurora had to leave for a meeting, so I could leave early enough to make the 4pm Resident/Trustee meeting at Channing House.

There is a monthly Resident’s meeting, but this is different. Less frequent (annual? don’t know) and this one was primarily to present the budget the trustees have approved for the coming fiscal year (March-February). Bottom line from a 20-slide detailed presentation, the finances are healthy. Resident monthly fees will go up 4% as of March.

The budgeting process is interesting. Channing House is governed by a board of Trustees who are volunteers from the community at large. Two of the trustees are residents. The staff, headed by CEO Rhonda, report to the board.

The budget is created from the bottom up by a Financial Liaison Committee (FLC). This is composed of residents only. It includes the resident trustees, and 4 or 5 other residents who have financial expertise (place is full of retired CEOs and CFOs).

The FLC over a couple of months meets with the directors of the 6 operational departments (Rhonda’s direct reports) and put together recommendations on changes for each department from the prior year. The FLC reports that budget to the Finance Committee, which is a subcommittee of the board, i.e. all trustees. They report the final budget to the board who approve it.

After the meeting I had nothing to do but tidy up, in preparation for


Tomorrow at 8, Angela and the move team will arrive. I go away for 10 hours. At 6pm (maybe before) I will be shown my upgraded apartment 621, with all my furniture and belongings moved back to where they were in September. The move then (Day 278) was so smooth I am confident they’ll get everything right.

I am very anxious to see this. It will be the first time I have seen my new area rug, which has been lying here in this living room rolled up for a month. I will also have new windows (double-paned), a blackout drape in the bedroom, new paint, new carpet in the bedroom and new vinyl flooring in the living room.

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