1.037 better, FOPAL, Cantor

Wednesday, 1/8/2020

I did make myself sleep with head elevated, or on my right side ditto, most of the night. Got up from bed very carefully and stood up and felt … nothing. Okay then. Walked carefully down the stairs to breakfast, back up, maybe just the tiniest whiff of vertigo on turning my head left or right.

Off to FOPAL early because this is the last day to tidy up my section before the sale weekend. Process 5 boxes, price and shelve twenty books. Straighten everything up. Take my pre-sale inventory count. All good; no vertigo! Do another hour or so of sorting, and leave at noon. Normally I’d stay around to sort in the afternoon on a Wednesday, but don’t want to push this.

Treat myself to a lunch of a choc. shake and chili at Gott’s. Then recall I’ve been meaning to visit the Cantor and it’s right over there, practically in sight from the Town and Country center.

The Cantor is featuring a new acquisition, OY/YO. I don’t know where they will eventually put it, but for now it is right in front. I like looking at the Bing through the O.


Oy, that’s yellow. I enjoyed the Jordan Casteel heroic-sized portraits of Harlem residents, and the newly-acquired Ansel Adams Surf Sequence. He took five shots of surf water patterns from some cliff on Highway 1. Interesting that the Museum’s page chose the middle one of five to show; I thought it was the best also.20194261-surf-sequence-800w

Every time I look at Adams’ pics I think, I’ve taken that. Or seen that. Everybody has! There’s probably some tourist on that cliff on SR1 right this second taking that shot. But Adams was the first, the one who opened everybody’s eyes to the pictures that were there. Plus, he did it with a plate camera, swapping negative holders in and out. So the “sequence” of five is not successive shots of the same wave, as a modern with an iPhone might take, but five shots from a locked-off tripod of successive waves.

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