1.036 goddam vertigo, FOPAL

Tuesday, 1/7/2020

Had an uneasy night, sitting up to read for an hour around 2am. That was an exception, I’ve been sleeping quite well lately. But when I got up, I discovered I had mild vertigo. Just enough that, one, if I don’t keep a careful visual horizon while walking, I tend to lurch; and two, if I lean forward, I feel seasick. This sucks.

Nothing scheduled for today, but I would like to go do some sorting. I think I will try.

I did try, and after less than an hour, the constant moving and turning was building up nausea, so I went home and spent the rest of the day in my recliner, not turning my head. I had meant to attend the 4th floor resident meeting and napped through it. Blah. Going to bed to sleep on my back with head elevated.

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