1.024 boxing day tours

Thursday, 12/26/2019

Last week, the museum put out a request for somebody to please cover the public tours on the day after Christmas, and I signed up for the 12:00 one. So after taking a nice run this morning, I got in my red docent shirt and went down there.

The place was jumping, lots of visitors coming in. When I started the tour I had a crowd of about 40, which is too many for anyone’s comfort. I told them at the start, all the exhibits are well signed and informative, I don’t mind a bit if you just wander off. Quite a few did, but I still ended up with 20 or so that stuck with me.

There were still lots of people coming in. I checked the schedule and there was only one docent scheduled for the 2pm tour, so I stuck around. That was The Other Dave, and he was pleased to be able to split the crowd. He took the first 25 or so, and I kept the rest, another 15-20. I stalled for ten minutes by leading them to the 1401 lab and riffing on computing in the 60s. Then took them around and it all worked out nicely.

Chilled out the rest of the evening. My DVR is only 4% full, which is pathetic. What happened to all the shows I used to subscribe to? To fill the last hour before bed, I went to Amazon and browsed around and discovered that my fave actress of all time, Xena Lucy Lawless, has her own mystery series on the Acorn channel. So I watched one ep of that. Not bad. She looks great, the writing was pretty good.


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