1.012 many doings, SWVB

Stanford prevailed over Utah, but played very inconsistently, winning the second and third sets by a wide margin, but losing the first and fourth sets by a lot, and squeaking out the fifth. So it’s on for tomorrow night.

Saturday,  12/14/2019

After breakfast sat down at the desk to clear a pile of misc. paper. One item was a bill from Anthem, $20 for the first month of my new Part B drug coverage, covering 1/1 to 2/1/2020, due and payable by 1/1. Oooookay, pay in advance. Try to add it as a new account in SFCU bill-pay; it knows about Anthem but when I fill in my Anthem ID, it says “that isn’t the format that Anthem expects.” Hmm. Oh, also, I try yet again to log in to the Anthem website. I get one step further than before: after entering username and password, then entering the TFA code it sends to my cell (note, the fact that it knows my cell given my name, proves that I have “registered” successfully), it says “gathering your information” as it did before. Then it clears the window and puts up a lock icon saying “you are entering a secure site”; that’s new, yay! But then it says “Hmmm, we can’t complete your login” as before.

I set off on foot to do things. First to the credit union office, where I learn that Bill Pay isn’t their work; it’s a third party that they contract with. They can’t say why it thinks Anthem wants a different format of userid, but they give me the service number of the company; call them M-F 9-5.

Then to CVS on University to look for Famotidine to replace my now-recalled Ranitidine. I note their price, then walk a block to Walgreens. Oooh, Walgreens has a sale, so I buy it there.

Off around the corner to the post office to mail a Christmas tip to my newspaper deliverer, and to buy stamps because putting a stamp on his envelope cleaned me out of them. Around another corner to the Farmer’s Market where a CH resident had said, his barbershop quartet would be performing. But at this time there was a much larger group of singers doing carols. Bah Humbug. I bought a pound of dried apricots and a delish raisin snail and went home.

Then out again because I was determined to go to Macy’s and get one more pack of undershorts. Back on day 0.152 was when I bought a bunch, but didn’t buy quite enough to got two full weeks between laundries. Of course this outing was very stupid, a real brain fart. It’s noon, two weeks before Christmas, and I’m going to the shopping center. Doh! of course the parking lots were jammed with asses insisting on waiting for a car to back out, holding up everyone else. Well, I got parked — there were acres of open space on the second floor, people! — and walked into Macy’s and got my pack of tighty whiteys and hey, there was a nice full-zip sweater on sale at 50%, right there, why not.

Oh, cleaning my desk in the morning I did cancel the Apple Card. So that’s over. I asked the phone rep how to recycle the fine titanium metal card itself. There’s a recycle page on the Apple website, she said, or you can take it to an Apple Store. So I stopped at the Apple store in between drugstore stops, and the guys in the red shirts were completely flummoxed. They consulted with somebody and finally said, only on-line. So in the afternoon I got on the Apple site and with difficulty found where to recycle the card. They emailed me a Fedex label which I printed, and put  on an envelope, and now, after Macy’s, I went to a Fedex store and dropped it off.

Back home again I had a nap and watched a couple of YT videos. Watching one of my subscribed videos is a sure way of nodding off for a nap. One of the subscriptions I’ve been following is The Great War, documenting each week of WWI exactly 100 years after. They started, obvs. in 2014. I picked it up in 2018 and had only just now caught up to October 1918 when the Germans are starting to collapse and the Armistice surely must be near. Hearing about that war spread out over (in my case) two years has felt like a real ordeal (imagine what it must have been like to live it). Looking at their website just now to get a link, I see that they are continuing to 1923 (i.e. 2023). The same crew has started a WWII series, week by week 80 years after; I’m not sure I want to watch that simultaneous with the other.

After waking up I thought about the novel for a few minutes, but didn’t actually write.

After an early supper it is out again to the volleyball game.




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