1.011 Docent, essay, SWVB

Another, but milder, episode of vertigo in the night. No problem in the morning, but it looks as if I just have to stop sleeping on my left side entirely.

Friday, 12/13/2019

Went for a run first thing, and without any breakfast. Whether for that reason or some other, I didn’t feel very good, and although I completed the usual distance, by the time I was back in the room I felt tired and worn-down. Was I sickening for something? By 11am when I left for the museum I felt better, and by afternoon felt normal.

At the museum, I had only four people for the tour. At least two, I felt were putting up with me out of politeness, but the other two were interested. Oh well.

With a few hours to kill before leaving for the women’s volleyball regional, I worked at getting my year-end wrap-up essay incorporated into the blog. This was not easy. I wrote it as a Pages document. From Pages I can export to PDF or some other formats, but not to HTML. The WordPress blog will let me create a “Page” as distinct from a “post” but the only way it will incorporate a PDF document is as a link. I want it to be a Page, which is a section of my “site” — but on the other hand why? Because from the normal site URL, all you see are the blog posts. The “pages” only appear if I put a link to them in the banner line.

Well. The essay “My First Year as a Bachelor” is, well, that’s the link. It mostly consists of quotes from this blog, but there’s some added value in the editorial comments around the quotes.

Off to the volleyball.


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