Day 296, meetings, waiting

Tuesday, 9/24/2019

Today was the special kind of day, the getting-ready-for-a-trip day. Or as it usually works out for me, the already-set-to-go-burning-down-time day.

First thing, 6:20, 24 hours before departure, I went through the KLM info page to check in for my flight. Ooops, it says, online check-in not available, use a kiosk at the airport. Oh well. Ten minutes later, I get an email from Delta, “Hello, David, time to check in for your flight.” I use that link and no problem, print boarding passes, good to go.

Rechecked my bag, reviewed my plans, done. Took the car out and had it washed. Killed some time. At 3pm it was the monthly meeting of the Tech Squad. Some issues with the new style of house phones that are being given to residents who request a wireless, carry-around handset. Some issues with coverage for wifi in the refurbished floors and what they will do about weak spots. This was of interest to me because when I move back to #621, which is in the corner of the building, coverage may be weak.

At 4:30 it was time for the monthly A/V committee meeting. Assignments for events in October were passed out, none to me. I’m to pick a couple and shadow the operator, which I will do after the trip.

Finally I requested a wake-up call from the desk, picked up my mail, and left my mailbox key for Craig who will check the box from time to time for me. And went to bed early, anticipating a 3:00 alarm.

(Edited at SFO because I couldn’t be bothered to do a post last night.)

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