Day 295, FOPAL, singing, packing

Monday, 9/23/2019

Went for a run in the morning, the first one in a week, also the last one for two weeks, because I don’t plan to go jogging out of a hotel in Athens or Heraklion or wherever.

Went to FOPAL at 10 and worked until 2. There were 8 boxes of computer books waiting. Chuck, the guy who trained me in managing the computer section, joined me at 11 for a refresher in pricing, and we did the last four together. Then I sorted donations for two hours, bringing a great deal of order to the chaos of the donation room, which was satisfying. Grabbed a couple of protein bars at the grocery for lunch and headed back.

Napped, and almost overslept the time for the singing group meeting, which I’d been recruited for back on the activity expo day. My voice is… I can still carry a tune, I don’t think I sang any sour notes, but my range is about |that| wide, so I’m forever having to drop an octave for the highest notes or go up an octave for the lowest.

Had supper sitting alone. Afterward, despite my best intentions to put off packing to tomorrow, I couldn’t resist, and packed up. Everything indeed fits easily into a carry bag. It’s one piece of a three-piece set of Victorinox luggage from way back. There was a big suitcase, a small roller bag, and this carry bag, or carpet bag, or gym bag: like a giant purse. I’m pretty sure it fits under an airline seat, even full. We sold the big bag several years ago. I still have the roller bag and had thought about using it for this trip, but I wanted to try using the little one.

Everything I need for two weeks, on the assumption that I do hand-laundry every third night, fits. Including a nice adapter that converts a Euro two-prong plug into a US three-prong plug PLUS two USB charging ports. The chromebook and its power supply slips right in, and I have nice noise-canceling ear-buds to plug into the phone or the airplane audio; and speaking of the phone, I have a power brick that will charge the phone at least three times over. All in the bag, which weighs out at 16 pounds.


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