Day 291, Shustek, dinner

Thursday, 9/19/2019

Drove across the Bay to the Shustek center where I and the other Dave spent the day cataloging part of a large donation of Teletext equipment that, in the 90s, was used by WTBS in Atlanta.

Back home, I met with Lynn and Florence for a supper date organized by Patty. Patty, who’s a fairly strong-minded person, had us each tell our life story, high school through our first job. Interesting people. Florence’s father was Bruno Rossi, a well-known physicist. Her family fled Italy in 1939, just ahead of WWII, ending up at Cornell U. where she was born. Some of her education involved a year at the Sorbonne. And so on. All much more interesting than my life. Anyway, good practice in listening.


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