Day 288, FOPAL mostly

Monday, 9/16/2019

The weather guy on the TV news talked about light rain, and when I headed out the door at 7am for a run, indeed the ground was damp. By the time I’d finished the running part and was walking back down Homer street there was a nice light shower getting me wet. The temperature was nearly 70 regardless and it was quite comfortable and fun.

A bit before 10 I drove to FOPAL for the post-sale cleanup. This time I had been asked to do pre- and post-sale counts of my section, so I counted the books as well as inspecting each and deciding to keep it at the current price, reduce the price, or give up and send it to the bargain room. Bottom line, of the 366 books in the section before the sale, 86 were now gone and presumably sold. Don’t know if that’s good or bad. With an average marked price of about $3, that’s over $200 for the library, anyway.

That took two hours, then I spent another two hours sorting. By then I was a bit tired, so I bought a few groceries and headed home. Had a nap; went downstairs for a light supper; then back for a quiet evening. Feel a bit sub-par and weary. Hmm: over 10,000 steps today.

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