Day 287, FOPAL, chromebook

Sunday, 9/15/2019

About 4am I had a spell of wakefulness. I should add parenthetically that the prior night, Friday night, I had an exceptionally good amount of sleep, more than eight hours. But not last night. During the wakeful spell I got all anxious about the upcoming trip to Greece. I had intended to bring the macbook, to which after all I am pretty much attached at the hip. But that (I realize in the darkness) is a huge security risk. Suppose it is stolen. I have all these websites open, Schwab, the bank, and even if I close them, they are in the browsing history and as soon as they are open, Lastpass helpfully fills in the username and password and… some cunning Greek thief could be transferring money out of my accounts an hour after he gloms onto the computer…

Things look like that, at 4am. Yes I could set the machine up so it needs a password anytime you open the lid. But even then, losing it would be a major blow. I don’t want to take it on the road. What’s the alternative? Just use the phone? Well, maybe. I could get the WordPress iPhone app (I’m sure there is one) and update the blog from the phone, but that’s not a pleasant thought, trying to type a blog entry with my thumbs. Or reading any of the other websites that I look at regularly.

OK, I need a cheap, secure, travel laptop. In the darkness I google “chromebook”. Yup. That’s what I want. Problem solved. Back to sleep.

I went out for coffee walking up to Verve. On return, I got in the car and drove first to FOPAL, where the Computer section has been drastically reduced, maybe 1/3 of the books sold? I’ll know tomorrow when I do a count and can compare to the count I made Wednesday.

Then on to Walmart to look at their Chromebooks, which were badly displayed, and then across Showers Drive to Target to look at theirs. And bought an HP 11-inch one for $260 including tax. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon unboxing it. It is an amazing machine for $250 bucks.


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