Day 264, FOPAL, Road Scholar

Friday, 8/23/2019

Wasn’t feeling totally pip-pip in the morning, even a little diarrhea (so–what was in that fancy meal last night?) so while I started out for a run, I turned it into a brisk walk for the latter half.

I had to skip my usual Wednesday stint at FOPAL this week, so instead I went there today, working from 10 to 2pm. Quite a few nice new books in the Computer donations, for a change; ones I could price at $10 and above. Then I sorted like a champ for three hours.

Back home, I made new shelf labels for the Computer section. When I took it over, I arranged it into interest groups, and made labels for the edges of the shelves. The hope is that somebody scanning the shelves will see “A.I. and Machine Learning” and think, oh, right, I’m interested in that, and browse the 20 or so books in that group. Where if books were sorted by author, or just unsorted as before, they might never find the book they are willing to buy.

The shelf labels I made two months ago are looking a little tatty, and also I thought they could be bolder, so I made new ones, scaled up a couple of points and in bold italic. When next I go down there (Monday?) I will put them up.

Before going in to supper, I checked my mailbox and found an envelope from Aon, the trip insurance provider for Road Scholar. In it, a denial of my claim for that rescheduled trip. I think they’re wrong, and I will try one time to get it reversed. Betty and Jerry invited me to sit with them, and we had a nice chat. I’m not happy with the old closets in my unit, even after sanding and sealing the drawers. So I asked about what they’d done. They told me a lot, and then we went up and they showed me what they’d done. Basically they had the old drawer and clothes rod structures completely gutted, and replaced them with a system of suspended hangars and drawers they’d bought through The Container Store. It isn’t quite what I would want, but I get the deal now. However, chances are this can’t be done during the coming upgrade. Next January I will probably pay for a remodel of my closets.


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