Day 263, Shustek, dinner

Thursday, 8/22/2019

In the morning I did a fifteen-minute workout based on a couple of online tutorials. It was enough to bring up a sweat and addresses my main concerns about core strength. I’ll keep adding to it over time.

Then I brought up the three drawers from the woodshop and put them back. Five of nine drawers refinished inside, and I’m not sure if I’ll bother with the remaining four, as I don’t use them much.

Off to a day at Shustek. Toni and I worked all day cataloging more of the collected donation of the Mother of Multimedia at Apple (Day 235).

Back to C.H. at 4:30, just time to change into my new blazer to attend the Sodexo Stop Hunger Dinner. This was a special annual event; I had to sign up and pay $80 in advance. Sodexo (our food contractor) donates the meal, all the money goes to local charities that feed the poor one way or another. The menu was elaborate, five separate courses, all very well presented and attractive to the eye. Flavors, not so great. But pretty to look at.

  • Clear Bloody Mary Consommé (juice of cherry tomatoes with tiny chives and vodka)
  • Ahi Crudo: small slices of almost-raw Ahi with chopped hazelnuts. I really don’t like raw fish so this pretty dish was wasted on me.
  • Arroz Caldo: basically a nice risotto decorated with chives and bits of pork belly
  • Adobo & Gnocchi: five-hour ox-tail braised in ginger and vinegar, with gnocchi made of sweet potatoes. The orange gnocchi were pretty but just a touch leathery; the meat was good.
  • Coconut Lychee Aspic Cake with passion fruit.

So they were really trying. I give them a 9 for imagination and for presentation, and about a 7 for flavor.

Anyway I was invited by Craig to join his table, which included his wife Diane, Kathleen (a different Kathleen from Day 260), Joanne, Connie, the other David, and a guy whose name I didn’t get although I’ve met him once before. Lot of pleasant conversation for about 2 hours, and now I’ve had my quota of socializing for a while.

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