Day 244, interview, docent, concert

Saturday, 8/3/2019

In the morning I went to check out the Farmer’s Market. Remember I looked for it last Sunday and found only an empty parking lot? That’s because I had the downtown market confused with the one on California Avenue, which does happen on Sundays. This one is on Saturdays, duh. I bought one basket of cherries. Actually these cherries were not as nice as the ones I’ve been getting at the grocery store. But they are more… farmer-y?

Then it was time to meet with Helene, who has been assigned by the C.H. newsletter editor to interview me and write up something for the newsletter. We chatted for half an hour. We’ll see what she writes up; I get to look at it before it is published.

Off to the Museum for the 12pm tour. About 25 people. Today and tomorrow are the Vintage Computer Fest in the upstairs event space, so the parking lot was full but not a lot of actual museum visitors downstairs. I mean to go poke around the VCF tomorrow.

On the way home I stopped at the grocery store and bought a few things. Then I stopped at the Tasso house to see what was happening. What was happening was that Clarence, Chuck’s handyman contractor, was installing faucets and light fixtures. No sign of the painters.

I had on the Google Calendar a concert at 8pm at Dinkelspiel. I thought to check the Stanford jazz site to verify the time and discovered, darn it, the concert was last night. I put it in the calendar wrong. The only concert on 8/3 is at Bing and not a performer I would have gone out of my way to buy a ticket for.headbang The one in their calendar for 8/2 is the one I remember signing up for.

There’s a free concert in Rinconada park at 6:30, maybe I’ll go that that.

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