Day 243, book, party, movies

Friday, 8/2/2019

OK, what the heck did I do yesterday? This is Saturday and that day has gone from memory. There’s nothing in my Google calendar, so I didn’t have external obligations.

I remember I went for a run in the morning. Then… at some point I put in an hour on Zooniverse, classifying stuff in a couple of projects. Oh, wait. Right. I uploaded a MOBI version of the book to Amazon and “published” a Kindle version to go with the paperback. I’m amused that Amazon accepted this because the file was generated by LeanPub and clearly says on the half-title page, “This is a LeanPub book…”.

Also, this was party day, Channing House held a party at 2:30 to celebrate the 7th floor beginning to move back and 6th floor getting ready to move out. Rhonda (CEO) commented from the stage that when the 7th move-back is complete, the renovation project will be half-done, two years down and two to go, and they are only a few weeks off of the originally planned target dates.

The party theme was black and white movies. I wore white pants, a black turtleneck, and my formal black fedora. I sat in a back corner, and Bert came and sat next to me. He’s the tech squad and A/V team leader and he asked if I wanted to be on the A/V team, and I do. He said they have a contract out for a full replacement/upgrade of the auditorium A/V equipment, so in a few weeks there would be a training session to learn the new gear.

I didn’t do much in the afternoon. Something I saw online reminded me of the classic anime film, Ghost in the Shell and just for giggles I did a search on the XFinity box and yup, it’s there on the “Tubi” app and free. I started it streaming and got bored with it 20 minutes in. But after stopping it and backing up to the main “Tubi” page there was a display of available movies and I spotted Rango, an animated feature from a few years ago that I’d always kind of wanted to see, so I ran that, all the way through.

So that was Friday. I better get started on Saturday before I forget.

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