Day 235, FOPAL meeting, Shustek, book

Thursday, 7/25/2019

First thing after breakfast I printed out the work estimate from Davey Tree Service, signed it, scanned it, and mailed it back to the estimator, authorizing that tree maintenance. Hopefully it will get done next week.

I went down to the garage, got the marked-up book from the car, and spent an hour finishing the edit of the printed copy. I started to enter the changes in the files but got distracted by noticing how badly Leanpub’s software was rendering the several poem stanzas I had quoted. So I started to write up a detailed problem report on the Leanpub author forum, and realized it was past time to leave, so left that undone.

I headed out for a FOPAL brunch meeting at the Mitchell Park Library. Janette, the volunteer director, told us a lot about the pickup gang, the few volunteers who go out and pick up donated books from people who can’t bring them to us. I went in with concerns about the flood of books and how we seem to be falling further behind all the time. I got some confirmation from Frank, a volunteer I enjoy talking with who knows the operations better than I. There is a mountain of about 100 boxes of unsorted donations in the Sorting Room, but Frank knows there are another 200 boxes, some dating back to last year, stacked in a courtyard by the bargain room. After the meeting I talked to Janette about this a bit; she pointed out that there are people who sort other times than the 2-4pm slots when we are open for donations. People sort at night and other times. In my opinion we need a lot more sorting, but I didn’t want to add to her burdens by harping on this point.

I did talk to her about giving a presentation about FOPAL at C.H. and she liked the idea. This evening I wrote to Betsy, on the Events committee, suggesting this.

From there I drove across the bay to Shustek. There I assisted Bud and Toni in taking inventory of the donation from a person who was the director of Multimedia at Apple in the 1980s and 90s. She apparently kept everything. Today we were just making a list of media items, dozens of VHS tapes, Betamax tapes, U-Matic tapes, Hi-8 tapes, CDs and audio cassettes. I read the labels, Toni entered the titles and other info in a spreadsheet, while Bud was going through every cassette type that had a read-only tab and breaking it out so the cassettes couldn’t be recorded-over. We got through a few boxes, with more to go.

Back home I finished and posted my trouble report with poetry formatting. Later in the evening I got a reply, saying basically that it isn’t completely implemented yet, and suggesting a work-around that I’ll try tomorrow. I’m a little dissatisfied with LeanPub. They have a basically good idea and good support, but they have been very slow to get their support complete for corner cases and smaller features. Well, I’ve no real choice but to leave the book there, for online sales. Kindle Direct will be another outlet.



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