Day 234, tree guy, FOPAL, book

Wednesday, 7/24/2019

Went for a run. Ended it with coffee at a new spot, not only new to me but I think quite new at all: Verve Coffee at  University and High street. Looks like a winner, lots of space indoors (but music a little too loud) and in a nice patio outside; and decent pastries.

Spent an hour editing the paper copy of the book. Amazing how many tiny edits I’m making,  replacing an emdash with a comma and such profound changes.

Drove to the Tasso street house to meet with an estimator from Davie Tree service. Chuck had texted it was 11am, but in fact the guy had come at 10 and gone, but left his card. I called him, and he was able to double back. Nice guy, very knowledgeable. Later he sent an estimate that was only $100 higher than the prior estimate, and it looks as if they will be able to do the work in a week or so.

While waiting I had a nice chat with Gloria from across the street. I showed her the “red” chest in the garage that didn’t go in the sale, and suggested that if it works in their garage, they take it.

From there I went to FOPAL where I found five boxes of computer books waiting. This haul was quite rich, over half of them were worth pricing (i.e. from the past 10-12 years or a subject that doesn’t date), and I ended up shelving two full boxes of priced books. There was quite a jam with four other section managers using the computers to do pricing. Then I did sorting for an hour and a half, when I felt quite tired from toting boxes around and bailed a little early. I have to say that sorting, in the summer, feels like bailing a sinking ship. You barely get the table cleared when another donor shows up with half a dozen shopping bags of books, or needs to borrow our dolly to bring in four or eight boxes. I’m going to bring this up tomorrow when I attend a FOPAL brunch for volunteers.

While I was sorting, I got a call from Jean, saying she thought her iMac was dying. I volunteered to come down and take a look at it. It booted right up and seemed normal. She said yesterday it would get stuck during boot-up. I don’t know; hard drive getting tired? She thought it was quite old; I was able to show it was a “late 2015” model. So if it has a problem again, tote it to the Apple store, it’s worth fixing.

Another problem was that her Comcast modem wouldn’t come up. In the ten minutes or so I waited, it just cycled its little lights in a repeating pattern, never settling down with “two blues” as she said it usually did. I power-cycled it again; no luck. I left it that if it didn’t come up overnight, she would have to call on Comcast for service (and good luck with that). She says she’s seen the Comcast truck around her trailer park often lately, which I think is suspicious.

Oh, this morning around 4am I realized one possible reason that C.H. has been tapping my Schwab account for only a bit less than half of the expected amount. That amount is probably the amount of my monthly fee that is allocated to health care (and deductible from taxes as such), while the remainder is for food, rent, maid service and garage, i.e. non-medical. The questions remain, (a) why did they do this without my permission, (b) why did they not do it this month, (c) how do I get it arranged to make a single, auto-payment? I’m probably going to kick this can down the road to August anyway.

I left the annotated book in the car when I came up and I’m too lazy to go get it, so I can’t finish editing it tonight.

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