Day 232, realty, FOPAL, book

Monday, 7/22/2019

Went for a run in the morning. Then at 10:30 left to meet Chuck at the Tasso house. We reviewed what had been done and needed to be done. Henry, our neighbor stopped by to meet Chuck. He and Chuck were not happy with the idea of cutting off an entire big limb of the oak, so that idea is out. Chuck wants to have the better-known Davey Tree Service provide an estimate, and he will have his office guy, Andrew, schedule that. Realistically the prep and staging likely won’t be done until the second week of August.

From there I went to FOPAL where I processed about 7 boxes of Computer section input, pricing and shelving a couple of boxes worth, and. sending 4 boxes to bargain. Then I settled in to do sorting until 4pm. All told about 4 hours of steady physical work.

I bought some of the sugar-free drinks I stock in my fridge, and a little fruit (since I forgot to go to the farmer’s market yesterday) and a pound of coffee, and headed home.

After supper, which I ate alone, I checked the mail and found the envelope with two trial copies of To Thrive Beyond Belief. (Marked “not for resale” because I haven’t officially “published” it to Kindle Direct.)


The cover looks great and the text is readable. I told myself I wouldn’t read it, but I read the opening and found a typo on page 9, which means I have to read it all, now. I got through Chapter 2, which is frankly, damn good.

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