Day 231, coffee, shopping, play

Sunday, 7/21/2019

Up at my customary 6am, when the orange sun rose above a band of cloud over the Bay and came through my curtains. Did the NYT crossword, and at 7:45 headed out for coffee and a roll, and was disappointed. This week I decided, on a whim, to go to The Prolific Oven. Here I found the one young woman on duty sad that none of her pastries had come in, “but they’ll be here in a minute”. So I ordered a cappuccino and sat down to read the paper. But after ten minutes, no pastries. So I walked on to Paris Baguette, a place I had dissed a couple of weeks ago, but it was handy.

Finished with the paper, it completely slipped my mind that I’d intended also to visit the downtown Farmer’s Market, and I just walked home, noting yet another coffee shop to try. At 10am I headed out to the Bonobos store in the Santana Row center off Winchester in San Jose. Here a very helpful clerk named Alex assisted me in finding the right size and style of pants and a blazer. Choosing pants wasn’t easy, as they have all waist sizes in one-inch increments (in contrast to Levi’s, which go 32-34-36 etc.) and in four cuts, Athletic, Regular, Slim and Tailored. It turns out that my shape fits the 33-Slim in their dress pants and 35 in the chinos. For the blazer, Alex showed me that their 40 short was a perfect fit for length, sleeve length, and shoulders. Unfortunately it doesn’t quite button easily over my middle.  He pointed out this one adjustment could be done by a tailor. I happen to know a good tailor/alterations shop which is now only three blocks from where I live, so I went with that.

The whole order, three pairs of pants and the blazer, totaled under $600. Take that, Neiman and Wilkes. The goods will arrive next week; then I’ll take the jacket to the tailor, and after that, will post some pictures.

From San Jose I drove to Redwood City, Broadway, and had lunch near the Dragon Theater where, at 2pm I sat down to watch The How and the Why, a play by Sarah Treem. This was an excellent play, rich in both intellectual and emotional twists and surprises, and very well acted by its cast of only two.

In the evening I exchanged texts with Chuck agreeing to meet tomorrow at 11:30.

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