Day 201, lunch, Time Capsule, DVR, mail forwarding

Friday, 6/21/2019

Went for a run first thing, without breakfast. I don’t want to go into the dining room in my t-shirt and running shorts and shoes, and there’s nothing in the to-go case that I can eat while running (whatever that might be, I really can’t imagine). So, went without. Health app said, 2.5 miles.

Had a baked good and coffee at Prolific Oven then stopped at the Walgreen’s on University to find a sleep mask. Jackpot! Found a good sleep mask, one with an adjustable elastic band and convex eye-covers, so there will be no pressure on the eyes. The sun through the drapes at 6am is just amazingly bright. Have I written that I spoke to Angela about the missing drapes, and it was a misunderstanding between us? She thought I was willing to wait for them when they replace the drapes as part of the upgrade this fall. I had thought they would be installed now.

Well, I can’t disagree that it makes sense to wait until the drapes are replaced; but that leaves the problem of sleeping past sunrise, which will be getting earlier and earlier in the next couple of months. The problem will solve itself in September when I am moved to the 4th floor West side. Meantime: a sleep mask.

Next I solved a technical problem: getting my Apple Time Capsule to work in the C.H. internet ecosystem. It turned out, thanks to the magic of Apple technology, to require little more than plugging it in and turning it on. I put it next to the Comcast modem and connected with a cable. It immediately found the internet and began to broadcast the same Wi-Fi signal, “Cortesi Home”, that it has been serving for several years. I don’t want it to do that; that network is redundant and unneeded here. However, it turns out you can use the Airport Utility to make it “hide” its network. So the name won’t show up in the long list of competing wi-fi networks in the building.

Meanwhile my laptop and desktop both found it and immediately began backing up to it. So, problem solved. After they’d both done complete backups, I shut the Time Capsule down. I’ll start it up every week or so for another backup, or if I need to recover anything.

Now it was time for lunch with Scott and Craig. Craig drove us to Town and Country in his newish red Prius. It makes my 7-year-old Prius look dowdy. I had been thinking — and still do think — there is no practical point in buying another car. The 2012 plug-in will serve me just fine for as long as I’m likely to drive. But… on the other hand… the new ones have some safety features mine doesn’t… and smell nicer… Maybe next year, after the house is sold and my finances are solid…

Scott and Craig reminisced at length about the old days at IBM. I had worked longer in the same organizations as Scott so knew roughly what he’d done during those years, but I had no real feel for Craig’s career. It was interesting to learn.

For a couple of days FedEx has been texting me about the progress of “your package” — what package? I couldn’t think what I would have ordered that hadn’t already come. Today I guess it might be the package from AT&T/DirecTV for returning the DirecTV DVR. When at 4:50 I got a text saying my package had been delivered, I drove over to Tasso street and sure enough, it was the DVR return box. I am still sure I bought that DVR but heck, I’m not going to fight AT&T over it. If they want to recycle it for me, great. I packed it up per instructions, but it was now to late to deliver it to the Post Office.

I gassed up the car (first time in a month, almost 800 miles on a tank at 91.4 mpg, let’s hear it for the seven year old plug-in hybrid!) and stopped at the hardware store to find some kind of snake oil to improve the finish of my teak coffee table. It’s a beautiful piece of furniture but it has the patina of 40+ years of benign neglect.

Back home I checked the mail, and there was a letter from my insurance company, addressed to me at 2340 Tasso, and officially redirected by the Post Office computers to the new address. So my address-change has truly been processed.

I guess I live here now.

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