Day 197, run, bridge, organize, dinner

Monday, 6/17/2019

Woke early, and then tossed and turned as the light through the flimsy drapes grew. I love my Eastern exposure but it comes with early light. Somewhere around 5:50 I remembered my “napping hat”. It’s an old knitted cap, very amateur (I don’t think it was Marian’s work) and quite loose. Which makes it perfect for napping. I can pull it down over my eyes and because it’s loose, it doesn’t press like a sleep mask does.

So I got up and rooted around and found the napping hat. Put it on, lay back, and slept soundly for another 40 minutes. Doesn’t mean I’ll let Angela off the hook for the dark drapes I was supposed to have, but it’s a help.

The newspaper arrived under the door at 6:30, a perfect start to the first weekday of life in the new place. The adventure is to see how many of my old, pleasant habits I can maintain here, and how many I have to modify. I made my usual cup of coffee and read the paper, with the KTVU “Mornings on 2 at 5AM” playing. For years I’ve been recording that show on weekdays, so the DVR can play the news in the background while I read the paper, and I can fast-forward the commercials if they annoy me. The new DVR is doing fine. Wow — it was just like at home.

I did the Monday crossword and was very pleased with a fast time (5:40). Entering it in the spreadsheet, it brought my 2019 Monday average to very slightly better than the 2018 average. (Who’s a nerd?)

First break in routine was breakfast time. As I’ve said to a few people lately, for 40 years I have always been able to have breakfast in my bathrobe. Now I have to put on clothes for it! So I put on my jogging shorts and a t-shirt and went down to the dining room. Oops; it wasn’t open at 7:25. What sluggards have we here? I killed time with a sudoku until the door opened. Had a nice low-carb breakfast  of egg and bacon, and headed out for a run.

This was the first time to run the route that I mapped out a few days ago, with the same net distance as my old route. It was interesting. Also humbling. I was going along Webster near University when I realized that a youngish woman was keeping pace with me. She was walking briskly, but still. I turned it up a notch to pull away.

I had been tapped for Craig’s bridge club at ten, so I didn’t stop at a coffee shop. Back home I showered and also shaved and brushed my teeth in the shower (no bathroom sink, remember?) and had a few minutes for my usual internet browsing.

Bridge was duplicate-style. I haven’t played duplicate since… I think it was probably the 1980s when Marian and I tried to play competitively for a few months. We even took lessons from a local expert to improve our conventions. We earned a few master-points but it just wasn’t fun after a while. This was probably my fault; I just couldn’t seem to develop the card sense for good play of the hand, and we kept being beaten.

Well, today I only made a few stupid mistakes, and on the whole didn’t embarrass myself. But geez, 22 boards is a lot of bridge. I guess I’m committed for next Monday but that may be it.

For what was left of the afternoon, I worked on moving in better. I toted stuff down to the basement storage. I decided to move my clothes from one closet to a different one; then I moved less-used stuff to that closet. I moved all the remaining boxes in off the porch and lined them up in the bedroom. One box was the printer; I unpacked it and set it up and tested it.

There are two boxes of office-related stuff I need to go through tomorrow. Three boxes have books and objects that need to be on a shelf of some kind. Buying a handsome, open, shelf on which to put a few books, my decorative objects, and the house phone, is high on the to-do list.

A bit of a nap and it was time for supper. I’d been invited to eat with Betty and Jerry, and they added Gwen. So I got some very pleasant socializing. Well, it’s always pleasant to talk about yourself, which they encouraged me to do, but they are interesting people as well. There’s lots of interesting “real people” at Channing House, as Jerry pointed out.

I did what I shoulda done weeks ago, added two “pages” to this site (as opposed to blog posts) about me and about Marian. Then I put what WordPress calls a “menu” — more like a navigation bar — with links to them across the top.

Busy day. Big to-do for tomorrow, including, hopefully, selling the sofa and chairs.

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