Day 196, settling in

Sunday, 6/16/2019

I definitely need those blackout curtains. Or well, I suppose I could buy a sleep mask but I don’t like wearing those. Anyway, awake at 6. Paper didn’t arrive until 7:30; I hope it will come earlier on a weekday.

Awake, and dressed, with no paper to read, I started assembling the desk. It went together fairly easily, and was done about the time the paper arrived. Later in the day I unboxed and set up my big iMac and the file cabinet. Here’s how my almost-complete bedroom/office looks now.


Panorama makes it all wonky. The printer will sit on the cabinet to the right. Out on the deck are some boxes of stuff yet to be sorted out, as well as a big pile of empty boxes to be disposed of.

I took the paper and walked out to find Sunday morning coffee and a baked good. I first looked in at Blue Bottle Coffee on University. Not a nice atmosphere, dark and cave-like, and I didn’t think much of their baked good selection. So up the street to Paris Baguette. Better baked goods. Still not right. On the way home (note word choice) I noticed that The Prolific Oven is even closer than the other two. That’s where I’ll try next week.

Now I launched on a long mess of errands. Things to get from the old house, things to buy. Paper towels for a fascinating example. At Fry’s I got a short coax cable to solve the splitter interface problem. Then at 12, Bill, the buyer of the bed, came in his large SUV, and I helped him in the half-hour long task of breaking down the bed. It was pretty complicated with various drawers and frames. Eventually he got all the pieces fitted into his car and off he went. Unfortunately he did not want the fine McCroskey mattress, so now I have that to dispose of, along with the pillow-top and the mattress cover that were over it. And the feather duvet. Well, that might sell.

At 2340 I took down the AT&T internet modem and tossed it in the car. After a few more stops, and thinking I was done, I remembered it. Oh heck, I have to back-track to the AT&T store at Page Mill and El Camino. I do that, and walk in with the modem under my arm and say, I want to cancel my internet. Oh no, says the friendly young floor rep, you have to do that online. Then they will send you a return kit for your modem.

Meanwhile, I’ve received an email saying the return kit for my DVR is on its way. Despite the fact that I’m positive I purchased the DVR, I realized it is stupid to refuse to return it. It has no use to me anyway, and nobody would buy it. So, I’ll return it.

Back at 621, I fiddled with getting the TV to work, and set up the big iMac, and took a short break before heading out to meet with Chuck. I did not feel like driving more, so on impulse I took a Lyft to his office just off California Avenue.

Bottom line from a long discussion: we really don’t understand L.L.’s motivations or her situation. She has treated her own agent as well as me, rather badly. However, that deal isn’t over yet. She put $50K into escrow. The deal isn’t over until she presents a document for me to sign, telling the escrow manager it is ok to return that. She hasn’t presented it, and conceivably still could come back to close the deal.

In the meantime, we are under no obligation to her, and can market the property to anybody and sell it if we get another offer. So we talked about the timeline for doing that. The critical path item is to get the house emptied, so that it can be painted. That can’t happen until The Sale. Later I talked to Deborah, and she really can’t hold the sale before July 6-7. After that she needs another couple days to clear any unsold items either to trash or a charity. So Chuck is now to schedule a painting contractor to start work on 7/11. He will also get a quote on my favorite upgrade, converting the step-in tub/shower to a walk-in shower. And if the L.L.’s foundation inspection has any action items, we can do those as well.

Back home again, I set up my new Comcast X1 DVR. Its remote has voice input, which I rather pooh-poohed but in fact it works amazingly well. You hold down the mic button and say “Find So You Think You Can Dance” and release the button, and it immediately shows exactly the words you said in text on the screen and executes the search. In this way I quickly set up subscriptions to the 25-odd shows I had subscribed on the old DVR.

The only time the voice unit failed was when I asked for the car show, “Find Fantom Works” and it looked for “Phantom Works” and said it couldn’t find it. Ok, B for effort.

Anyway, the TV is working, the DVR is working, sound bar is working, both computers are up, all the furniture is assembled. I have a stack of boxes as well as a lot of stuff that is just piled in a closet to sort out, but it’s a good start.


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