Day 164, FOPAL, realty, mover

Wednesday, 5/15/2019

I have Deborah coming with someone to look at the furniture at 1:30, and Chuck is bringing the Lawyer Lady for her third look at the house at 12:30. That means I won’t be free to do my usual 2-4pm shift at FOPAL, so I decided to go and do that this morning instead. From 9-12 at FOPAL is the physical equivalent of a run, right? Wait, let me check. No, only 3700 steps as of 2pm. But it doesn’t record how many boxes of books I lifted and carried, does it.

I had meant to do a lot of sorting but discovered in fact there was a large collection of computer-related books already sorted, to be culled and priced. Actually, I recognized them. At least two weeks ago a chap presented himself at the usual donation time with a slew of small boxes of books. We loaned him our dolly to bring them from his car, and I remember showing him a narrow gap in the mountain of donations to stack them in. Only now, in the week past the sale, have they surfaced.

On examination, these were the library of a programmer who is now (I presume) retiring; anyway clearing out his collection. Maybe 200 fat paperback volumes on Java, JavaBeans, C++ and similar software platforms. Most published in 1998 through about 2008. Generally the older stuff goes straight to the bargain room. Nobody wants to buy, for example, a book whose cover proudly says “Current for Java 6” when a quick check on my iPhone shows me that Java is now at  release 12, and support for release 9 was just discontinued.

Anyway I priced 50 or so volumes and ended up shelving 40 of them. Four boxes of books went on the cart labeled “H2”, the number of the bargain room, where they’ll sell for $1 or if not, eventually be recycled.

That brought me to 11am, and I did regular sorting for an hour more. I went around to the adjacent grocery store and stocked up on food so I would have something to eat in the evening. (But also told myself sternly, that I’ve paid for meal service at CH, and it is hardly any more distant than the restaurant I went to last night. If I don’t want to cook, I can just drive over there and have a nice nutritionally balanced meal.)

While eating a very tasty deli sandwich in the car I exchanged texts with Chuck. The Lawyer Lady had showed up with a contractor in tow, which surprised Chuck. She apparently wanted to get an opinion, either on the condition of the house or on the feasibility of some remodeling she has in mind. Was it OK with me to let a contractor look around? Yeah, why not. Nothing to hide. Then they had questions, relayed in texts. When was the furnace and A/C installed? etc. Hell, I don’t know, this century I’m sure. Later Chuck said they worked out from the maintenance record on the front of the furnace it was 2008. Apparently the contractor didn’t raise any red flags. We’ll hear more soon, I hope.

At 2pm Deb rolled up with Ron and Carol, a senior couple, in tow. They looked briskly at the furniture. Carol didn’t seem impressed. I don’t think it was what she wanted. I said goodby to them as my phone rang. It was Mr. Lunardi from the moving company. We agreed that his crew will show up at 10:30 on the 15th (ooh, exactly a month from today) to pack me up and move me. Actually there will not be a lot of packing-up. I’m betting they’ll have the truck loaded ready to roll by 12:00.


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