Day 163, Adobe, Suli, mover, bed

Tuesday, 5/14/2019

…and WordPress has lost me another 200 words. If you start a post, write a few nice paragraphs, then leave the window open for a few hours, when you come back and start editing it will say “error trying to save” and whatever you do, your draft is toast.

Well, what I said before was, in my email this morning was a warning from


that my Creative Cloud subscription would soon renew. I’ve been paying for the privilege of using Photoshop and Lightroom, but with the end of slide scanning there is little need for either. I’ve got Pixelmator and GraphicConverter which are each capable image editors. I do make use of Adobe Bridge to organize images and search using metadata tags, but I think I have an older version that will still work without an annual rental. Or I can get used to iPhoto if I have to.

So I killed the subscription, and incidentally discovered that I also had a subscription to their web page editor, DreamWeaver. That must be a relic of when Marian used an earlier version of DreamWeaver for the FBC fan site. Anyway, killed that too.

Then walked to the YMCA for a few exercises, and back. At this point I got out the CH handbook, “Moving” page, and called the top name in their list of approved movers. Left my name for a callback. Then I waited (and waited) for Suli the housecleaner to appear. She didn’t come until 1pm; I filled the time in part by starting the laundry. And exchanging texts with Chuck: the Lawyer Lady wants to look at the house again, is 12:30 tomorrow OK? Oh heck yes.

Suli did her work, we chatted, and basically said goodby to each other. She’s been working for us for at least 20 years. She was pleased that just yesterday she had found a perfect new client to take the place of her bi-weekly visit to this house. I gave her the check, saying it was a little bit bigger than usual; she said thank you without actually looking at it. It was actually quite a bit bigger than usual.

Now it was too late in the day to go down to FOPAL, where I have been meaning to go today, to try to tackle some of the huge backlog of contributed books to sort. What else to do? Well, there was the matter of a


I’ve been going back and forth on the question of the bed for months now. First I was going to leave the Queen bed behind, get a new Full size one. Then I changed my mind, I’d keep the bed. But more recently I have flip-flopped again. It really feels stupid and annoying to be sleeping in one-half of a bed. Almost all my furniture in the new place will be new. The old bed would dominate the new bedroom. I want a cleaner break with the past.

On a previous visit to IKEA I selected the mattress I would buy; I have an iPhone picture of the label. But I didn’t actually pick a frame. So now I decided to go do that. I drove over to IKEA and went backwards on their route because I remembered that the bedroom stuff was last in the winding trail.

Of their frames, one jumped out at me right away as a perfect complement to the rest of my “midcentury modern” choices, the Trysil. It’s not expensive, it’s in stock. All I have to do is figure out how to get it, and the mattress, over to CH and assembled. I believe when the time comes, like a couple of days before official move-in, I’ll hire a TaskRabbit to do it.

I went home, and shortly noticed I was hungry, so went out, aiming for Armadillo Willy’s but as I approached it I noticed a restaurant I hadn’t eaten at in donkey’s years, Estrellita’s Mexican restaurant. We IBMers used to eat there back in the … eighties? So I went in, had a nice plate of Chile Verde.

While I was eating, the moving guy returned my call, but his news was that the CH resident notebook is out of date. The moving company he worked for closed up shop a year ago. He was friendly about it. But dang, now I have to find another.

On the way home I stopped for gas, noting it had been almost exactly a month since I last filled the tank. 80mpg, 791 miles on a tank; let’s hear it for the plug-in hybrid.



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